About Me

Welcome. I am a writer, more accurately, a philosopher.

A few words about myself and what I can and cannot offer the reader.

First of all, what am I writing about? I think you could call this range of questions a philosophy of culture.

For whom am I completely and utterly useless? Children or people who are convinced that they know everything worthy of attention about man and humanity, or think that this knowledge is insignificant compared to technical issues. Aside from that, those who long for the times between 1918 and 1991, and of course, admirers of the ‘holy nineties.’

Who am I writing for? For people who understand Russian literary language, and not in its simplified and distorted form as it was cultivated under the Soviet regime.  For those who prefer their own thoughts to other people’s ‘ideas’, be it socialism, liberalism or ‘science’ in its inevitable mingling with militant atheism. I cannot say, however, that the Christian camp is my camp. Christianity is to be studied attentively and impartially as a fundamental value of the previous epoch, but the religious worldview is not exhausted with it.

I cannot offer a simple and ready-made ideology, as Marxist and liberal teachings do, but only a worldview that can grow with the advances in my interests and horizons. The particular qualities of this worldview include a rejection of simplifications in the study of the human being and the human being, and a preference for reason over faith, and an understanding that, apart from religion, i. e. having contact with the divine origin hidden within us, there is no culture or life.

You can read my books in English translation here. The translation is computer-generated and therefore imperfect. I apologise to the reader for any mistakes. I see them and try to correct them, but unfortunately not as quickly as I would like.

Timofey Sherudilo.

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